Demian & Alex Vazquez - "D&A".

Demian & Alex Vazquez at their Austin, TX studio. 

Demian & Alex Vazquez at their Austin, TX studio. 

In the world of jewelry design there are certain singular statement pieces that grab attention as they glitter their way into hearts and minds of the wearer. Welcome to the jewelry of D&A.

"Quiet beauty with hard edges is the defining balance of the Austin-based Demian & Alex jewelry collection.  Dubbed "D&A", the male- and female-friendly accessories line consists of everything from earrings, necklaces and bracelets, to belt buckles, rosaries, and dog tags.

Brothers Demian and Alex Vazquez pride themselves in creating an eclectic mix of design with both Latin and Southwestern undertones.  Recently voted 'best overall designer' and 'best men's designer' at Austin Fashion Week, the brothers are humbled and excited by the recognition..."

Fashion design roots run deep in the Vazquez family. Born in Guadalajara, raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and now based in Austin, TX, the brothers took inspiration from talented designing family members and in six years have built D & A into a  thriving design company with a loyal following.  Celebrities who have embraced the "D&A mystique" include Jada Pinkett Smith, Pierce Brosnan, Val Kilmer, Natalie Maines, Robin Williams and Joey Kramer of Aerosmith to name a few.  D & A jewelry is available at select stores and boutiques nationwide.

At a time when luxury no longer means big ticket but rather unique, unusual and certainly not cookie-cutter, welcome to the world of D & A, where jewels are art and luxury reigns.  Inspired by their Latin heritage the collections are dark and dreamy, light and classic, hot and clever, modern designs with an ancient twist. These original designs will surely turn heads and evoke gemstone envy.