Fortuno Anchor Pendant Design for Demian&Alex Jewelry. (VIDEO BELOW).

This is a freehand rendering I created using my Wacom Intuos3 tablet & Photoshop CS6.  This is a little more organice than my usual design workflow, as it is much more time consuming, but thought it might make for an interesting video and study and wanted to give our customers and fans an insight into some of our design processes.  This is a time lapse video, sped up about 10 times...  Hope you enjoy it!  -Alex Vazquez

D&A Cross Link Bracelet Rendering. (VIDEO BELOW).

This is a new, atonement cross themed, bracelet rendering created in Photoshop. The total rendering took a total of 8-10 hours, not including the "rough draft" stage. This bracelet design will be available in two different gauges and several different lengths in early November. Music by Sasha - "Wavy Gravy".

Fortis Cross Gold and Diamond Cross Pendant Rendering by D&A.  (VIDEO BELOW).

This is a rendering I did for our "Fortis" pendant.  The pendant was fabricated in 18k gold and diamond pave.  I started the rendering with a rough pencil sketch with a small amount of low opacity marker for a little added value.  From there I began my digital rendering in Photoshop CS4.  This process begins with general shapes, then I add detail like the cross and diamonds and finish off the rendering with some highlights and shadows to give it a sense of depth.  Soundtrack by Charlie May.