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Keep your pictures, words of inspiration, or designs close to your heart with these collections of engagement, sterling silver picture lockets. Our classic and timeless silver lockets are the most beautiful locket that your would-be husband or wife can get their hands on. Saying "I do" is easier to get now that you have these sterling silver lockets.

Lockets are sentimental because it has a compartment which to hold your most precious possessions. As an engagement gift, enclose it with your best picture that will always remind of you flaming love and passion to one another. You can also enclose it with a small script to express your love, or a symbol that represents your burning passion.

Fortuno Lockets have a collection of heart locket necklace, and picture locket that you can customize even further with our variety of add-ons like ankhs, crosses, stone charms, and religious image sets. Make it even more personal by using a photo of your choice to be added in the silver locket.

Fortuno Lockets come in all shapes and sizes. We offer a wide variety of designs that can be designed according to what you want. Each silver locket comes with a background image and two pearls of wisdom. You can use our ready-made images or give us a background image of your choice. Make it even special through our collection of gemstones from sapphire, rubies, turquoise, diamonds or a small packet of healing earth from Sanctuario de Chimayo in New Mexico.

Each picture locket comes with an 18-inch sterling silver rolo chain, but you can choose from other options like crystal links, carved D&A links, or a simple rolo in matte-black.

You will not find freedom of customization anywhere than in Fortuno Lockets. Our exceptional designs make it certain it's a cut above the rest. It's surely is a remarkable piece that are eminently affordable regardless of your budget. But regardless of the design you choose, or the money you invested, Fortuno Lockets will never fail to convey your message.