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Graduation is one of the most important moment in the lives of young adults. It opens up a new chapter of their lives for the better or for the worse of it. Stepping on the stage alone makes them feel confident that they can tackle almost anything that comes their way. Graduation is the reward of their hard work and sacrifices.

To commemorate a special day, sterling silver picture lockets can be used to engrave their hopes, dreams, accomplishments, and words of inspiration. Silver picture lockets will keep inspirations close to their hearts. Whenever you feel down or uninspired, just open the locket to help and they'll get up on your feet again. Reward their hard work and effort by providing guidance and wisdom from these picture lockets.

As a graduation locket, photo lockets are special. You cannot deny the fact that if you put a picture or words of wisdom to the picture locket, it will always remain special to person receiving the gift. Such gift will help you stay close to the wearer's heart as well as makes the wearer feel special. It is also the best way to cherish past memories, because once you've given a locket to someone, a memory of that time and place will be engraved to the locket.

Fortuno Lockets specialize in sterling silver picture lockets. Our wide collection of silver lockets will make sure that each locket is made unique, and special only to the receiver. Make it even special by adding some cross, ankhs, gemstones or other add-ons to fit the wearer's taste and style.

Make a healing locket by adding a packet of healing earth from Santuario de Chimayo only available in Fortuno Lockets.

Each locket comes with a sterling silver rolo chain as a standard but you'll have other options to choose from like D&A links, crystal links, or even a black matte rolo.

Fortuno Lockets is proud to be the only internet resource for the best sterling silver graduation locket. Take a look at our finest collection and indulge in the beauty of these picture lockets that you won't see anywhere else but in Fortuno Lockets.