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When you lose someone you love, it is a part of you had just disappeared. You'll feel as if your life no longer has a purpose and that you cannot live even just a single day without your love. Although memorials help us ease the burden, get through the pain, and stay with them for a little longer, it helps to have a way to get to remember someone special by holding them close to your heart. Memorial a href="" target="_blank">photo lockets are a unique way to remember them and make them feel as if they're here beside you.

A memorial locket will be your source of comfort when you feel alone, will be your guide when you feel lost, and will be there with you as if the one you loved never departed. It is something tangible that you can always hold into your heart if at times you feel that the world your burden.

Memorial silver lockets can be used to hold pictures, fingerprints, hand prints, footprint engravings, or even a locket of hair. Silver picture lockets preserve what's inside. It still stays the same no matter how often you open the silver locket.

You can also engrave their name, date of birth, and date when they have passed away, or have their photo engraved outside the locket. You can have a few message engraved in the locket. The options for personalizing your locket limits only to your imagination. Make your locket unique, make it be a way for you to remember the happy memories you've had back when they were with you. Make it an image of what it would be like when they're still alive.

Thanks to Fortuno Lockets, you can make it happen. Fortuno Lockets offer a large selection of locket styles and design which can be personalized based on what you want it to be. Choose from our selections of classic, yet timeless designs and allow us to craft the design the way you want it to be.

You can send us a background image of your choice, add some gemstones available from our collection to make it more vivid, and make it a representation of your loved one by inserting add-ons that you feel fit.

Each picture heart locket comes with 2 pearls of wisdom and an 18-inch sterling silver rolo chain. You can choose other styles of rolo chain like a crystal link, D&A link or a simple black matte rolo.

Wear a memorial silver picture locket around your neck and close to your hear to remind you of the blessings, and memories that opening this locket will bring back the time, back when they were still alive.