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If you've just had a baby or one of your friends or your friends have recently welcomed one in their lives, consider having a keepsake to celebrate that special day. Among the most popular keepsake gifts are baby rattles, baby spoons, baby toys. Since most of these keepsakes last only when they are babies, expect that these gifts to be hidden in the attic when the baby grows up.

If you're looking for a keepsake to last even when the baby grows up, consider a sterling silver locket. Picture lockets are the epiphany of nostalgia. It lets you go back in time to when you first receive the gift and how it feels when you received it. A baby may not be able to recall what happened during that day but the parents will. Just imagine how the parents will tell the tale during that special day when you were there embracing the moment. Then, when the child grows up, lockets will stay with them wherever they go. Either they use it as a pendant, or use it as a memento which records happenings as time passes by. Usual keepsakes will be forgotten, but never a sterling silver locket.

If you're a mother, a silver locket can be a heirloom for your child that can be passed from generation to generation. A heirloom that holds family culture, beliefs, keeping a remembrance as it passes from one generation to the other. It's even better if your baby locket is made specially for your family.

Our collection of necklace picture lockets will give you an idea about what being personal actually means. Our lockets are made with pride and sophistication that is why you won't find anything similar to what we make. Our exquisite designs are stunning; you simply can't resist a sterling silver picture locket crafted to perfection. What's even better, is each locket can be made to fit your liking.

Create a perfect baby locket by choosing a background picture that we have in our online catalog or give us your own picture, well take care of the rest. Choose from our list of add-ons to mix and match in creating the right silver locket for your baby. We offer add-ons like crosses, ankhs, gemstones, pearls. And for the religious, we have healing earth found only in Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico.

Each silver locket comes with 2 pearls of wisdom and a sterling silver rolo chain as a standard. If sterling silver rolo chain is not your type, don't worry because we also have crystal links, D&A links, and a matte black rolo.

Fortuno Lockets have a locket and chain combination fit for every occasion and personal taste.