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Religious locket is a popular jewelry to those people not comfortable having traditional lockets with them at all times. Other than aesthetics, religious lockets are functional as you can insert religious images, photos of your loved ones, or a memento to resemble a religion. Christians, for example inserts miniaturized bible in the locket so they can read the bible wherever and whenever they want. Some have images of their favorite saints or even an image of their God to show their love and devotion to Christianity.

Since sterling silver lockets are not only beautiful but very elegant. It's timelessness makes it the perfect jewelry to show your faith and devotion to your religion. Not only that, giving a religious locket to your loved ones will show how you care for them and want them protected at all times.

Fortuno Lockets offer a wide collection of silver picture lockets. You can choose from our pre-made lockets or have us create a custom locket to fit your taste. Our lockets can be fitted with locket add-ons like crosses, ankhs, pearls of wisdom or gemstones. Ruby, the most powerful gemstone in the universe portray contentment and peace. Diamond, which is the hardest gemstone and the most valuable gemstone portray innocence and constancy, and turquoise the oldest known protection amulet is known to protect the wearer from harm, and makes them connected to the spiritual world.

Also, don't forget to add a packet of healing earth from Santuario de Chimayo from the holy valley in New Mexico. This is a unique earth found only in New Mexico that is found to have great healing powers.

Each sterling silver locket comes with a background image of your choice and two pearls of wisdom with an option for add-ons. You can also choose from a wide variety of download-able image sets to use with your picture lockets.

Each silver locket comes with a sterling silver rolo chain as a standard but you'll have several rolo chains to choose from: D&A Links, crystal links, and matte-black rolo.

Nothing portrays a more elegant and sophisticated representation of your religion like Fortuno lockets can. Have a look at our inventory and you are sure to fall in love with our collection.