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A lot of soldiers are heading abroad to serve their country. While it may be good for the country, it will be bad for the family because they are worried about their safety. There are plenty of reasons the family need to worry about their husband, wife, son or daughter because their job is a few steps away from life and death. So getting something to remind them and also to ease their fears and worries will keep their faith strong.

This also goes true if you are about to retire in your service. A retirement locket will remind you that you were once a proud person working for the government or just proud of your skill and what you have achieved. A sterling silver locket will remind you of the pride and honor working to serve the nation. It'll bring back experiences you once had when you are able to serve the country. 

Fortuno Lockets offer high quality service and retirement lockets. We also offer an option to personalize your locket, just give us a background image to put in the locket and we'll do the rest. Each sterling silver picture lockets come with two pearls of wisdom, and you can add more add-ons to your lockets like gemstones, ankhs, or crosses. 

Our sterling silver locket comes with an 18-inch rolo chain as a standard but you can choose from our crystal links, D&A links, and black matte rolo. 

We, at Fortuno Lockets will share with you the pride and joys of being in service, retired or not, through our intricately crafted personalized sterling silver lockets. We believe that those who are in service should be respected and our quality lockets are the ones to show how respected you are.