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"Raphael" Sterling Silver Locket, Blue Topaz Link
from 395.00

"Raphael" Sterling Silver Locket, Blue Topaz Link.  Chain comes in a standard 18" length, but you can upgrade the length.

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A wedding is the one of the most sacred ceremonies a person will have in his life. It ties the knot between you and your partner to start a new life that both of you will share for eternity. It is a love sealed by God and by the law.

As a tradition, both partners will wear a wedding ring as a sign of eternal love and devotion to each other. It is a symbol love and loyalty to one another.

Wouldn't it be great if you have something to remind you of that day other than a wedding ring? Something that you'll keep close to your heart that when you take a peek, joys and romantic events in your life will come right before you?

Wedding lockets are simply the best way to treasure special moments and loving memories of people. Give a sterling silver locket on your wedding day and everything that happened during that day will get stored in the locket. Just put an image or memento that will remind you of your special day and watch the magic come to life.

Moreover, if you have your picture locket customized only for your wedding day, what a wonderful wedding experience you will have. The best part of your wedding is having to get back to it as often as you want. You don't have to get married again to do that, all you need is a sterling silver locket.

Fortuno Lockets is your one-stop shop for personalized wedding picture lockets. We offer the best sterling silver locket in the market in terms of design, and customization options. No other locket store will give you a unique locket while giving you the freedom to design it the way you want. Our wedding lockets are made from sterling silver, so we are certain that our price will not put a hole in your wallet yet still retain the quality and uniqueness we always provide.

Each locket comes with 2 pearls of wisdom with the option to add gemstones we have in our collection like rubies, sapphire, turquoise, and diamonds. Adding to that, you can give us your photo, and we'll put it in the locket.

Our silver picture locket comes with an 18-inch sterling silver rolo as a standard but you can change our standard rolo with D&A links, crystal links, or a matte-black rolo links.

These elegant lockets are designed with love and devotion with passion for a perfect wedding. Expect to experience the best wedding ever with these elegant, and timeless sterling silver picture lockets only found in Fortuno Lockets.