Gold "Sofia" Fortuno Locket Giveaway Winner!

Sofia Fortuno Locket...

Well, we have a winner in the "Gold Sofia Locket Giveaway" online promotion!  The winner is Marissa Hopper of Austin, Texas... Congratulations!

We would like to thank all of you for entering our online promotional contest and hope you will take part in all of our upcoming competitions as well! 

Here is the method in which the winner was chosen. 

  1. A list of all entry names was compiled in a spreadsheet.  The names were entered in the order that they were received.  (The order in which they were received had no affect on the selection process).
  2. We used "" to generate a totally random sequence of numbers from 1-130 (the number of entries) which was inserted in the spreadsheet column adjacent to the name column, and sorted the names VIA the random number sequence in ascending order.
  3. Whatever name landed in row #1, is the winner! 
  4. For more on this randomizing process click here>>