Our handmade sterling silver and 18k gold concho belts.

Concho-Belts-001 We produce an incredible collection of concho belts.  For those of you who don't know what a concho belt is, it is a belt that is adorned with multiple, generally sterling silver, adornments and a sterling silver belt buckle and keeper (the thing the belt goes through). Concho belts are big in the Southwest, like Santa Fe, NM for example.

Our concho belts are fabricated out of sterling silver with 18k yellow gold embellishments.  Some of our concho belts are jeweled with star rubies, star sapphires and a myriad of other semi-precious stones.  For questions on pricing, or to request a custom concho belt, please contact us at 512.797.9963, or email me at alex@dandadesigns.com.