16th Century Spanish inspired heart pendant rendering.

Spanish heart pendant by Demian and Alex Vazquez D&A We have recently become very inspired by old world artifacts and culture and wanted to create some pieces that would display some of the amazing design from that era.  This heart will be hand carved and cast in solid sterling and will measure around the size of a quarter, give or take a millimeter.  This piece is currently in the fabrication process and will be available by the middle of September.  Please let us know what you think of this design and leave some feedback.

D&A Personalized Collection Digital Painting and Rendering Image 001.

This is a digital rendering I created in Photoshop of our new Demian&Alex personalized collection.  Demian and I meet to discuss the various shapes and silhouettes we think will compliment our line.  I then commence on many rough sketches... and more rough sketches with some other rough sketches.  After I have achieved some decent blisters on my fingers, I start the digital rendering and painting phase of the design process.  Above is one of the products of this process.  I won't bore you with the details of this process, but there will be a rendering video to follow soon.

The D&A personalized collection will contrast our Sanctuary collections by offering a classic look and feel.  Our customer can purchase one personalized pendant at a time, or a complete necklace with multiple pendants, stones and pearls.  We will be introducing some new chic ways to hang the pendants in the near future as  well...  Please let us know what you think about the upcoming collection.

Sneak peak 001 at new Demian&Alex personalized collection...

Here's a sneak peak of our new D&A personalized collection.  This collection will be fabricated in a myriad of different and exciting materials including sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, copper, gold vermeil, precious and semi-precious stones... and the list goes on.  We are developing this collection so that we may offer our customer a way to express themselves through our jewelry.  The number of combinations that you, our customer, will be able to mix and match these pieces will be endless.

We will also offer the option of integrating your own photos into the pendants for total personalization, as well as name and message stamping directly into the silver or gold, to commemorate a special occasion, or significant date.

The pieces will cover the spectrum in price.  You can create your own, one of a kind personalized necklace... and order it in solid gold and diamonds if you wish.  Be on the lookout for many more "sneak peaks" to come.  There is a lot of exciting design and fabrication happening in the D&A studios.

Our handmade sterling silver and 18k gold concho belts.

Concho-Belts-001 We produce an incredible collection of concho belts.  For those of you who don't know what a concho belt is, it is a belt that is adorned with multiple, generally sterling silver, adornments and a sterling silver belt buckle and keeper (the thing the belt goes through). Concho belts are big in the Southwest, like Santa Fe, NM for example.

Our concho belts are fabricated out of sterling silver with 18k yellow gold embellishments.  Some of our concho belts are jeweled with star rubies, star sapphires and a myriad of other semi-precious stones.  For questions on pricing, or to request a custom concho belt, please contact us at 512.797.9963, or email me at alex@dandadesigns.com.

Our blackened silver tear drop, cross embelished earrings. Rock on...

Blackened silver and gold tear drop earrings by D&ADemian and I were "playing around" in the studio putting shapes and cast icons together when we came up with these earrings.  We were looking for an edgy look... of course, but also a set of earrings women could wear with just about anything. We blackened the cut-out tear drop shapes to give the earrings an antique textured look and it contrasts well with the polished finish of the crosses.  The little stars on the bottom are sterling silver and 18k yellow gold... some simple detailing to break up the silver droplet.

You can check them out on our retail site if you wish - www.dandabrothers.com.  Please feel free to comment on these earrings.  We'd love to hear your opinion.

The silver and 18k gold "Santo" bracelet.

Silver and 18k Santo bracelet by D&AThe Santo bracelet is another one of our first pieces, and still one of my all time favorite D&A bracelets.  We designed this piece while in San Miguel as well... 2002.  We worked with a great jewelry fabricator simply named Polo who owned a small jewelry fabrication shop.  Anyhow, the top piece was carved and cast in 18k yellow gold.  The dual bone toggles were created in the same fashion.  On a side note, the dual front toggles have become a real signature look to D&A.  One either side you'll find six tiny silver skulls which give this piece a real "dia de los muertos" (day of the dead) look and feel. Silver and 18k gold santo bracelet - side view.

This piece feels great on too.  Nice and heavy and... wow does it stand out.  Every time I wear this piece out, which is just about every day, it gets noticed, a lot.  The silver and gold santo bracelet has a fairly hefty price-tag due to the large amount of 18k gold, but it's one of those pieces you will have for a lifetime, and will most likely become a family heirloom.  You can purchase the Santo bracelet here - Silver and 18k Gold Santo Bracelet by D&A.

Our first dog tag design from 2002.

Silver Dog Tag with skull and wingsThis first dog tag was designed by my brother Demian and I while we were in San Miguel De Allende during Christmas 2002.  We discovered a lot of inspiration while in Mexico and from our Mexican heritage.  I think we did a decent job with this piece, considering it was our first.  We actually still sell this dog tag quite frequently which is a little surprising.  Not because it isn't a great piece, but because our new dog tag designs are much more refined and contain a substantial more detailing.  I assume a great deal of the attraction of this piece is the fact that it represents the beginning of "D&A".  Well, at least it was a part of the pioneering "Sanctuary" collection. Please feel free to comment on this design and let us know what you think.  We promise not to get our feelings hurt if this piece "isn't your thing".

This piece can be purchased here - Sterling Silver Dog Tag with Skull Wings & White Pearl.