The silver and 18k gold "Santo" bracelet.

Silver and 18k Santo bracelet by D&AThe Santo bracelet is another one of our first pieces, and still one of my all time favorite D&A bracelets.  We designed this piece while in San Miguel as well... 2002.  We worked with a great jewelry fabricator simply named Polo who owned a small jewelry fabrication shop.  Anyhow, the top piece was carved and cast in 18k yellow gold.  The dual bone toggles were created in the same fashion.  On a side note, the dual front toggles have become a real signature look to D&A.  One either side you'll find six tiny silver skulls which give this piece a real "dia de los muertos" (day of the dead) look and feel. Silver and 18k gold santo bracelet - side view.

This piece feels great on too.  Nice and heavy and... wow does it stand out.  Every time I wear this piece out, which is just about every day, it gets noticed, a lot.  The silver and gold santo bracelet has a fairly hefty price-tag due to the large amount of 18k gold, but it's one of those pieces you will have for a lifetime, and will most likely become a family heirloom.  You can purchase the Santo bracelet here - Silver and 18k Gold Santo Bracelet by D&A.