New hand carved and cast sterling silver dog tags by Demian & Alex Vazquez.

Silver dog tags by demian & alex vazquez, D&A. Silver dog tags by demian & alex vazquez, D&A.

Silver dog tags by demian & alex vazquez, D&A.

These are our brand new hand carved and cast D&A dog tags, cast in sterling silver.  These are smaller (1.5"X1"), chicer and sleeker, with lots of nice, hand carved details.  These currently retail at $359 a piece, and come with your choice length of chain.  We have these in tons of variations with skulls, sacred hearts, pearls, turquoise, cushion cut blue topaz and lots more.  Please feel free to contact us about a custom pair... we can do that!  Also, please feel free to leave us feedback right here on our blog site!

Our first dog tag design from 2002.

Silver Dog Tag with skull and wingsThis first dog tag was designed by my brother Demian and I while we were in San Miguel De Allende during Christmas 2002.  We discovered a lot of inspiration while in Mexico and from our Mexican heritage.  I think we did a decent job with this piece, considering it was our first.  We actually still sell this dog tag quite frequently which is a little surprising.  Not because it isn't a great piece, but because our new dog tag designs are much more refined and contain a substantial more detailing.  I assume a great deal of the attraction of this piece is the fact that it represents the beginning of "D&A".  Well, at least it was a part of the pioneering "Sanctuary" collection. Please feel free to comment on this design and let us know what you think.  We promise not to get our feelings hurt if this piece "isn't your thing".

This piece can be purchased here - Sterling Silver Dog Tag with Skull Wings & White Pearl.