D&A Personalized Collection Digital Painting and Rendering Image 001.

This is a digital rendering I created in Photoshop of our new Demian&Alex personalized collection.  Demian and I meet to discuss the various shapes and silhouettes we think will compliment our line.  I then commence on many rough sketches... and more rough sketches with some other rough sketches.  After I have achieved some decent blisters on my fingers, I start the digital rendering and painting phase of the design process.  Above is one of the products of this process.  I won't bore you with the details of this process, but there will be a rendering video to follow soon.

The D&A personalized collection will contrast our Sanctuary collections by offering a classic look and feel.  Our customer can purchase one personalized pendant at a time, or a complete necklace with multiple pendants, stones and pearls.  We will be introducing some new chic ways to hang the pendants in the near future as  well...  Please let us know what you think about the upcoming collection.